Best Airline Luggage 2018

If you travel frequently by air, then this article will help you choose the right luggage for your trip. The best airline luggage in 2018 is unbelievably lightweight. It often has TSA security locks and straps and is made with very durable materials that can withstand abuse endured in the checked baggage compartment.

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That fact that these bags are lightweight is very important when it comes to airport luggage. Airports often charge for checked bags depending on weight. You will pay less for a lighter suitcase so you want to get the lightest one as possible. Often, airline luggage will be made of a lightweight aluminum frame.

You may be wondering why you would want wheels, handles and straps on your bag if they will just add extra weight, however, wheels are a necessary feature when you travel by air. Imagine lugging a heavy bag through the terminal without wheels. It would be very inconvenient. Below you can find the best airline luggage reviews of 2018.

American Tourister – AT Pop Spinner Set Review

If you are looking for a set of luggage that is airline friendly, look no further than the American Tourister – AT Pop Spinner Set. This set is made of a durable 100% polyester that is easy to spot clean when needed. The four multi-directional spinner wheels provide for easy movability. You’ll be able to quickly take these suitcases to wherever you need to be without lifting a finger.

American Tourister – AT Pop Spinner Set

The top and side carry handles are padded for comfort. The front panel pocket on each of the suitcases are perfect for last minute items or small electronics. There are multiple pockets on each suitcase which will help you stay organized on your next trip. The set includes two larger suitcases and a smaller matching carry on. This luggage set contains everything you need to make packing for your next trip stress free.

Think Tank Airport International V 2.0 Review

The Think Tank Airport International Version 2.0 is the perfect airline luggage for the serious traveler. It meets all international carry on size requirements.

Think Tank Airport International V 2.0

You can travel with piece of mind knowing that this suitcase will fit through any airline test frame. The Think Tank also includes a TSA combination lock to lock zipper. The lock can be used to secure the main zipper.

The front security cable and lock will keep the front pocket contents safe from theft. This is the perfect pocket for a laptop or tablet. The pocket is stretchable so you can place bigger items inside it if you wish. If your bag happens to get lost at the airport, don’t worry. This bag comes with a unique security plate that will help get your bag returned to you in record time. Just register the bag on the Think Pad website before you leave on your trip. Overall, the Think Tank Airport International Version 2.0 is one of the best airline luggage available in 2018.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite Expandable Rollaboard Review

For those looking for something lightweight, the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite Expandable Rollaboard is the perfect option. This suitcase measures 22 inches tall and is made from a honeycomb framing system which keeps this bag ultra-lightweight. The grooved handles are tubed and provide plenty of strength and stability while the carry handles are padded for comfort and convenience.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite Expandable Rollaboard

The outside of the Travelpro is made from 100% polyester which is super easy to clean. The best part about this luggage is how it expands to fit all of your belongings. Now you can sneak in an extra pair of shoes! This suitcase comes in two different colors, blue and black and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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